Solar Proponent Board Member and
General Counsel to EnCap Energy Transition

Kim Driscoll

Kim is a senior executive and business attorney with a unique blend of expertise in leading transactions, project development activities, corporate legal affairs, and innovative problem-solving regarding complex assets. She is a skilled negotiator and deal-maker successful at marrying the realities of global business, the economic goals from commercial operations, and the legal requirements of compliance, through practical advice and flexible implementation. Ms. Driscoll is a consummate internationalist with strategic execution skills across public and private sectors, including working with senior levels of foreign and U.S. government agencies. She is effective at risk assessment with a pragmatic approach to investment decisions. She has handled cross-border dispute resolutions and managed multi-million dollar legal teams/budgets. Ms. Driscoll has 30+ years in the energy industry, from greenfield development to asset management. Her knowledge base spans gas, wind, solar, battery storage, and advisory work in the oil services space, with hands-on experience in each.